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Worth the weight/wait

When I first learned I was pregnant I thought it was a mistake.  After two and a half years of measuring my basal body temperature, infertility medication, acupuncture, three failed IUIs, and lots… Continue reading

Injury Volume 3: Listen to your body

This post is Part 3 of a three-part series on coping with injury.  Whether you’re in top physical condition or sidelined with injury it’s always important to listen to your body. ________________________ My friend… Continue reading

Injury Volume 1: Pitfalls and Patience

This post is Part 1 in a three-part series on coping with injury.  I hope you stay safe and healthy pursuing your fitness goals this new year, however, if injury does happen know… Continue reading

A funny thing happened

A funny thing happened this fall sometime between Labor Day and the first week in October. Yep. I almost couldn’t believe it.  After a difficult journey to conceive it seemed I’d gotten pregnant… Continue reading

Lessons Learned 2015

hi·a·tus hīˈādəs/ noun  1. a pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.   Hello.  I’m Jackie.  You may remember that I used to write this blog BodyConsciousness.  It’s been a while, I… Continue reading

Get Back In the Pool

You may have checked out my last post about being diagnosed with PCOS — a common hormonal disorder that can lead to infertility, insulin resistance, and weight gain – particularly in your midsection.  In… Continue reading

Love and honor your body even when it CAN’T do

I suppose I knew something was up in the fall even before all of the results from the 40280372 test I underwent were in.  I’d been trying to get pregnant for more than… Continue reading

Five things I would have told my 180 lb self

For anyone who hasn’t read my very first blog post or who didn’t know me way back when this may come as a surprise.  I used to be a bigger.  A lot bigger.… Continue reading

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

One of the most thrilling and also possibly the scariest thing about losing weight was feeling like I was shrinking out of my clothes.  I remember getting serious about losing weight and getting… Continue reading

Stress and Setbacks Part 2: It’s not just the Christmas cookies making you fat

So if you’re like most people this holiday season you’ve seen a higher number on your scale the last few weeks and it’s starting to make you a little nervous. Ok, let’s get… Continue reading