Gratitude Adjustment

Hi friends! Well, I know it’s been a super long time since I’ve posted but I just want to reassure you that I’m still alive and well and on my fitness journey.  There… Continue reading

Love and honor your body even when it CAN’T do

I suppose I knew something was up in the fall even before all of the results from the 40280372 test I underwent were in.  I’d been trying to get pregnant for more than… Continue reading

Practice makes progress

As I sit here writing this post during yet another day off of work due to snow I’m thinking of how differently adults react to snow than do children.  When I was a… Continue reading

Five things I would have told my 180 lb self

For anyone who hasn’t read my very first blog post or who didn’t know me way back when this may come as a surprise.  I used to be a bigger.  A lot bigger.… Continue reading

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

One of the most thrilling and also possibly the scariest thing about losing weight was feeling like I was shrinking out of my clothes.  I remember getting serious about losing weight and getting… Continue reading

No pain, no gain?

If you’ve been hitting the gym extra hard (or for the first time) this January you may have already experienced one of the downsides associated with working out: pain. Now, I know what some… Continue reading

January’s Workout Warrior: Melody

It’s quite possible that Melody Chu has never met an adventure she didn’t like.  January’s Workout Warrior is part fun, part fearless, and her approach to fitness — and life — is to… Continue reading

#1 Tip for 2015: Go with your gut

Happy 2015! While I’m sure many of you have goals for this new year that relate to getting in shape, losing a few lbs, and slimming down by hitting the GYM my #1… Continue reading

Welcome Committee

You may be thinking that I’m a few days late in posting a health and fitness post for the new year, full of advice about how to get fit, lose weight, keep your… Continue reading

Stress and Setbacks Part 2: It’s not just the Christmas cookies making you fat

So if you’re like most people this holiday season you’ve seen a higher number on your scale the last few weeks and it’s starting to make you a little nervous. Ok, let’s get… Continue reading