Did you save room for dessert?

We’ve all heard those tempting words, usually put forth by a waiter at the end of a meal just before they bring the bill:  “Did you save room for desert?” Truthfully, in almost… Continue reading

Starting the Journey to Your Healthiest Self

A little over a month ago I got an email from and had the opportunity to meet a blog reader named Amber who is exactly where I was four years ago: mid-twenties, moving out on her… Continue reading

Be BODacious

A recent blog article “You have the wrong body for Ballet” (via elephant journal on August 1st, 2014) caught my attention as it made the rounds on Facebook.  Not only was the title… Continue reading

Happy healthy thirtysomething

On the eve of my thirty-second birthday I’m recalling an earlier time when I was twenty-six.  I remember sitting in our office celebrating the thirty-second birthday of a colleague and thinking, “I can’t… Continue reading

Breakfast is for Champions

Growing up I never considered myself a morning person but these days I’m a pretty early riser and there’s [almost] nothing that makes me happier to get out of bed in the morning… Continue reading

On Finding Stillness

  Perhaps my worst trait — the one that causes more stress for myself and frustration for others who interact with me — is my tendency to over-schedule myself.  My over-scheduling stems from… Continue reading

Hey Vodka, we need to talk

Hey Vodka, we need to talk. This has been on my mind for a little while now and, well, there’s no easy way to say it so let me just go ahead and… Continue reading

Walk it Off

    Last month I went to London on vacation with the plan to keep my fitness up by doing yoga each day.  Every morning, first thing, I woke up, drank some water… Continue reading

Battle of the Binge (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about how I have, at various times in my life, struggled with “food addiction”, better known as binge eating –something that as many as 4 million Americans suffer from (Women’s Health… Continue reading

Battle of the Binge

Note:  I know not everyone reading this blog is Christian and while I’m not going to apologize for the use of Biblical passages herein (because they’re meaningful to me) I hope you will… Continue reading