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The Incredible Shrinking Woman

One of the most thrilling and also possibly the scariest thing about losing weight was feeling like I was shrinking out of my clothes.  I remember getting serious about losing weight and getting… Continue reading

Be BODacious

A recent blog article “You have the wrong body for Ballet” (via elephant journal on August 1st, 2014) caught my attention as it made the rounds on Facebook.  Not only was the title… Continue reading

Comfortable in My Own Skin

In a previous post “Here and Now” I wrote about the challenge of starting down a path towards health and fitness by believing in your ability to transform your body.  However, if the… Continue reading

Here and Now

  The hardest thing about losing weight and achieving your full fitness potential is not exercising, purchasing a gym membership, or turning down a cupcake at a toddler’s birthday party (who doesn’t like cupcakes!?).… Continue reading