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Worth the weight/wait

When I first learned I was pregnant I thought it was a mistake.  After two and a half years of measuring my basal body temperature, infertility medication, acupuncture, three failed IUIs, and lots… Continue reading

“All You Can Do Is Your Best”

I’ve always been a bit of a perfectionist.  In school one particular year this manifested itself in my need to get all As on my report card sophomore year.  I remember breaking down one day… Continue reading

Fitness Selfie Defense

There was a string of articles that were popping up in my Facebook newsfeed a few months back, the subject of which was how bad/annoying/unhealthy/narcissistic/dangerous the trend of posting “selfies” is. According to the… Continue reading

April’s Workout Warrior: Laura

Question:  What is the most incredible fitness-related feat Laura DeLucia has accomplished in the last few years on the planet? A. Running in more than 5 marathons B.  Competing in a boxing match… Continue reading

A Tale of Three Dresses

I’ve always had a thing for trying on dresses.  Even as a pre-teen I’d go to the dress department of my favorite department store and lock myself in a fitting room with a… Continue reading

Snow Day/Heart Day Workout

Happy Valentine’s Day! So often we think about celebrating this “day of love” with flowers, chocolate, greeting cards, and romantic dinners. However one of the best Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had was in… Continue reading

February’s Workout Warrior: Cisco

You’ve heard the expression “to get into fighting shape,” yes?  Well, this month’s workout warrior takes that expression literally.  Francisco “Cisco” Isata is a professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter from the DC-metro… Continue reading

My #1 Workout Tip for 2014

My #1 workout tip for 2014 is:  Get a personal trainer. Why get a personal trainer (“PT”)? Whether you’re new to fitness or you know your way around a gym getting a trainer… Continue reading

January’s Workout Warrior: Kyra

This month’s workout warrior is a dancer and she’s here to remind us that fitness isn’t just about treadmills, triathlons, and cross fit.  (For those of you who thought it was try looking… Continue reading

How Bad Do You Want It?

I had a hard workout yesterday.  No, not a long workout, not a challenging workout, a HARD workout.  The kind of workout during which I actually thought to myself, “Oh my gosh I… Continue reading