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Chronicles from first trimester: Food baby vs. baby bump

Early in my pregnancy I was excited, curious, and anxious.  Still, those first view weeks, I didn’t really feel pregnant.  I kept wondering What is happening in there? Is there really anything going… Continue reading

Worth the weight/wait

When I first learned I was pregnant I thought it was a mistake.  After two and a half years of measuring my basal body temperature, infertility medication, acupuncture, three failed IUIs, and lots… Continue reading

My Prenatal Pantry Staples

Generally speaking eating the right foods for your body is important when it comes to being healthy.  However, when you’re “eating for two” it’s super important to make sure you’re getting the right… Continue reading

A funny thing happened

A funny thing happened this fall sometime between Labor Day and the first week in October. Yep. I almost couldn’t believe it.  After a difficult journey to conceive it seemed I’d gotten pregnant… Continue reading

Love and honor your body even when it CAN’T do

I suppose I knew something was up in the fall even before all of the results from the 40280372 test I underwent were in.  I’d been trying to get pregnant for more than… Continue reading