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My #1 Workout Tip for 2014

My #1 workout tip for 2014 is:  Get a personal trainer. Why get a personal trainer (“PT”)? Whether you’re new to fitness or you know your way around a gym getting a trainer… Continue reading

January’s Workout Warrior: Kyra

This month’s workout warrior is a dancer and she’s here to remind us that fitness isn’t just about treadmills, triathlons, and cross fit.  (For those of you who thought it was try looking… Continue reading

How Bad Do You Want It?

I had a hard workout yesterday.  No, not a long workout, not a challenging workout, a HARD workout.  The kind of workout during which I actually thought to myself, “Oh my gosh I… Continue reading

The Basics, Part 1: Diet and Exercise

“Diet and exercise.”  That is probably what you’ve been told if you’ve ever asked a fitness pro or doctor how to lose weight and get in shape.  Well, I’ve got news for you… Continue reading

September’s Workout Warrior: Robyn

This month’s workout warrior has extra special reason to celebrate this month because not only is she our workout warrior for September but it’s her birthday month!  In fact, we share the same… Continue reading

August’s Workout Warrior: Mary

First off, apologies that this month’s workout warrior is getting published a little late into the month.  My travel schedule kept me busy last month but I could not wait to get home… Continue reading

July’s Workout Warrior: Lindsay

This month’s Workout Warrior (and our first WW ever!) is Lindsay Blanken.  This woman knows her way around a gym and is a total inspiration in her commitment to making healthy living and fitness… Continue reading