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Tea Time

One of my favorite things about summer (and winter) is tea.  In the summer months nothing beats a glass of iced tea (or a half and half iced tea/lemonade for those of you… Continue reading

The Basics, Part 4: Abs are Made in the Kitchen

How many of you reading this have ever clicked on one of those internet ads claiming to tell you how to “reduce belly fat”?  Yeah, c’mon, we all have at least once… Even… Continue reading

The Basics, Part 3: You Are What You Drink

I remember going out to dinner with a friend once at one of those chain restaurants with the mixed drinks so big  you can take a swim in them.  As we looked over… Continue reading

Oh, sugar sugar

“Fat free.”  “Whole grain.”  “Low carb.”  “Diet.”  “Reduced fat.”  All sound good and healthy, right?  Well, for me for a long time those are the tag lines I looked for in food packaging.… Continue reading