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Worth the weight/wait

When I first learned I was pregnant I thought it was a mistake.  After two and a half years of measuring my basal body temperature, infertility medication, acupuncture, three failed IUIs, and lots… Continue reading

Practice makes progress

As I sit here writing this post during yet another day off of work due to snow I’m thinking of how differently adults react to snow than do children.  When I was a… Continue reading

Fear of Failure (and of Falling on Your Face)

“Part of abandoning the all-or-nothing mentality is allowing yourself room for setbacks. We are bound to have lapses on the road to health and wellness, but it is critical that we learn how… Continue reading

Have Mat, Will Travel

It’s summer again and for me that means it’s time for summer vacation!  Hopefully you had a chance to check out last summer’s post about How To Stay Healthy and Fit on Vacation.… Continue reading

Striving for Balance

I’ve struggled during many points in my life to achieve and maintain balance.  Balance between work and personal life.  Balance between being busy and being at rest.  Balance between being driven to achieve… Continue reading